Mican Park

What is “Mican Park”?

Mican Park is an orange juice producing factory with a souvenir shop on the 1st floor. We can see the process of making juice. There is a cafeteria area where you can eat original sweets on the 2nd floor. There is also a small museum with interesting facts and photos of the mandarin orange history as well as the cultivation process and different types of oranges.

Mican Park Commitment

We want to make this a public relations site not only for people in Ehime but also for other areas throughout Japan to get more information about Ehime’s oranges.

Employees at Mican Park all work for Syuto limited company. Employees here are in charge of the entire process from cultivating the fruit to selling the final product to the consumer. We take only the best ingredients from our oranges to ensure it’s deliciousness . Syuto limited is a company consisting of the cultivation of oranges, manufacturing the product and the selling of items to the public. Our concept is to keep the original orange taste of the fruit in our products.

Information about floors

  • The processing area for mandarin orange

    We make our products using various machines. Because of sanitation rules guests are not allowed to enter the processing area.

  • The tour area

    You can view the orange juice making process through the glass windows . There is an exhibition space of Mican’s family tree.

  • Orange juice tap

    You can enjoy 100% fresh tasting orange juice.

  • Sales floor

    There are several souvenir goods of “Mican” , “Komican” and “Dark Mican” available.

  • Cafeteria space

    There are some original sweets and characteristics Mican design character sweets. Please try them and have a good time .

  • The balcony area

    There is a great look out point of the spreading Seto inland sea.